Characters from classic children’s stories become zombies

The most famous characters from our childhood become zombies!

·        Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and Peter Pan feature in this new sticker collection released by Giromax.


March 2014.-Giromax’s Once Upon a Zombie is on its way! This new sticker album collection features characters from classic fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, the Little Mermaid and Rapunzel. However this time, these famous faces – familiar to all Spanish children – leave behind theirangelic appearance andturn into zombies. The sticker collection includes 208 stickers: 144 normal stickers, 48 die cut stickers, 16 holographic stickers. The album has 32 pages – mainly dedicated to each character – and also comes with a giant poster. The album and the stickers are available from March in newsagents, supermarkets, shopping centres, toyshops and petrol stations.

Each packet of stickers costs ₤0.50, the album ₤1.50 and the Starter Pack: ₤2.99 (Album + 25 stickers).


About Once Upon a Zombie

Once Upon a Zombie is a story that will enthral children, because the main characters are our classic childhood heroes: Three Little Pigs, The Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and many more. Mums and Dads will also take an interest, because they’ve heard these tales or seen the films. The new feature is that these universally loved characters have become zombies, and their famed surroundings, such as Neverland, the Enchanted Forest or Wonderland have also turned into wastelands. To find out how to the save the whole universe from zombification, it’s up to a girl called Caitlin Rose Fletcher….

A whole album featuring classic zombified fairy tales!


Become a zombie and finish your collection!


Collection: Once Upon a Zombie


A packet costs: ₤0.50

An album costs: ₤1.50 (Album with 8 stickers)

Starter Pack: ₤2.99 (Album with 25 stickers)


About  Giromax, a consolidated corporation in the graphic design industry

Giromax ( has become a corporation with its own identity, after being a part of the editorial division of Ensobrados Martorell. This change was due to the extreme growth experienced by Giromax in the last years and due to the needs of international expansion and consolidation of the company’s position in the Market. This giant step was taken with the acquisition of reputable licenses (Angry Birds, Disney, Peppa Pig, Trash Pack…) that doubled the business expectations in Spain and rest of the world.


With headquarters in Barberà del Vallès, this corporation is well established in the graphic design industry, specializing in the creation and development of infantile collectables. At present Giromax manages the production and commercialisation of over 30 products integrated in two big branches:

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