Celebrates the 10th anniversary of Peppa Pig with Mini Clay Buddies

12 exclusive Peppa Pig Mini Clay Buddies in 3D!

 Improve your creativity by moulding the new Peppa Pig Mini clay buddies!

  • This is a new creative concept for 4 to 10 year-olds that combines learning and entertainment.
  • This collectible can be purchased in kiosks, book stores and supermarkets from February for only ₤1.
  • March 2014.- The Peppa Pig  Mini Clay Buddies are already available! Now you can mould your favourite Peppa Pig characters and bring them alive in 3D. There are 12 different models. Collect them!

​Peppa Pig Mini Clay Buddies is the new pocket collection of the favourite characters of younger children that can be moulded and made by hand. They come in a kit that contains all the materials to build your favourite characters. You can mould Peppa, George, Candy, Rebecca, Suzy, Mummy, Daddy, and many others!

The Peppa Pig Mini Clay Buddies will go on sale via several channels. You’ll be able to find them in kiosks, hypermarkets and supermarkets.

All the instructions are contained in a novel creative Activity Book included in the kit that, as well as providing a guide for creating the characters, is packed with ideas for games, fun and learning.

This is a new and innovative concept designed for 4 to 10 year-olds combining handicrafts, the creative abilities of small children and their beloved characters.

Each pack contains:

  • Activity Book
  • Plasticine
  • Cut out cardboard shapes
  • Velcro strips

With these ingredients fun and creativity is guaranteed!

Information about the MCB Peppa Pig collection!:

 Product: Mini Clay Buddies

A Flow Pack costs: ₤1

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